Guide to Convert MSI to EXE with MSI to EXE Creator

  • Launch MSI to EXE Creator program (Go to Start -> Programs -> MSI to EXE Creator -> MSI to EXE Creator). Then follow the following instructions step by step to convert Outlook contacts:
  • After launching MSI to EXE Creator software, Users will arrive at following screen:

  • Then click on Browse button (first browse button), to select the .msi file as shown below:

  • Select MSI file package and click Open button.
  • Then click on second Browse button to define icon of the EXE file to be created.
  • After defining icon for EXE, click on third Browse button to select the location to save the final EXE file. Clicking the Browse button, user will arrive at a following window:

  • Input the required name of the resulted EXE file and click on Save button.

    Note: Users can overwrite the existing EXE file with the new resulted EXE file by simply selecting the exe file ( to be overwritten) while selecting the location to save exe file.

  • After this click on GO button to start the process to create EXE file from MSI file as shown below:

  • After the success of the msi to exe creation, users can simply launch or release their software setups of EXE file.

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Working Guide to Convert MSI to EXE

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